Jaisalmer Tours

The Major Attractions of Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Forte: Also known as, Golden Fort, it is the liveliest of any museum, palace or fort that you’re probable too visit within India. The fort has an entry through a forbidden series of big gates leading to a big courtyard. It proudly stands between the golden stretches of great Thar Desert located on Trikuta Hill and has been the location of many battles. This unique fort is a great living urban city, with around 3000 people living within its walls.

Patwon-Ki-Haweli: It is one of the most elaborate and the largest havelis located in Jaisalmer and it stands in narrow lane. Carved extensively it’s five storey high. It’s divided into 6 apartments, 2 of which are owned by the archaeological Survey of India, 2 private homes and 2 by families who run craft-shops. The haveli has remnants of paintings on a few inside walls along with some mirror work.

Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli: Constructed by 2 brothers, famous for their unique architectural creativity, this haveli is famous as a notable Jaisalmer attraction. When it comes to grandeur, this haveli is considered to be the best. The workmanship of this haveli is a mix of both Islamic art and Rajput architecture which was imported through the trader’s caravan via the dessert.

Salim Singh Ki Haveli: this mansion has beautifully architecture roof with excellent carved brackets in form of peacocks. Just like the other havelis in Jaisalmer, it also has tuskers guarding the gateways. They are made up of sand stones and they look quite like real. The haveli has nearly 38 balconies and all of them have a distinct design. As the haveli’s front facet resembles a ship stern, it is also known as Jahazmahal.

Tazia Tower: The Tazia Tower, a delicate pagoda rises from the Badal Mahal. Rising in its 5 tiered splendor, with every storey graced by delicately carved balcony, this tower is of a historic significance. Muslim craftsmen built this in shape of Tazia and gifted to the royal patrons.

Jain Temples: As the financers of the Rajputs, the influential and rich Jain community was offered with complete religious liberty, so they built many temples in as well as around Jaisalmer. Within the fort’s walls are a group of marvelously carved Jain temples between 12th and 15th century.

Amar Sagar Lake: It is a beautiful, small lake situated adjacent to 17th century palace known as Amar Singh Palace. This is an apartment styled, five storey haveli and it’s famous for its murals. You can see many ponds and wells in the surroundings that have royal air about them. There also is a Shiva temple in the complex.

Gadsisar Sagar Lake: It is a perfect picnic spot for all types of visitors and it is amongst the most magnificent attractions in Jaisalmer. You get an opportunity to see different kinds of migratory birds at this lake during the winter season. During your visit to this lake, you’ll also see a beautiful lush green garden, the Bara Bagh.

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